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I help 7-figure founders recover their biggest business expense -- lost sales -- through simple funnel fixes.

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Katy Widrick

Hi! I'm Katy Widrick.

And I'm a lot like you. I launched my first blog in 2007 and I've been learning ever since. From building a brand, creating a business, doing less and getting more and, oh yeah -- having more fun -- I'm sharing everything I know about starting, growing and managing a sustainable online strategy.

I'm passionate about helping growth-focused founders scale to 7 figures (and well beyond), using marketing, sales and OK...a bit of woo, mindset and set and surpass their most audacious and impactful business goals.If you're the founder of a high-growth company or brand, ready to significantly accelerate marketing and revenue expansion and dramatically increase your profits, with the most intelligent, effective, results-driven approach -- all while allowing you to stay where you belong: right in your visionary zone of genius -- let's chat.

What Does That Mean?


Do you know exactly what you want -- you just need some help figuring out how to make it happen? Or are you completely clueless and need someone to hold your hand through the steps? Together, we'll create the big picture and content overview that will help you build your business.


I'm a big believer in clear, manageable and measurable goals so at the end of the project, you'll receive a full written -- and customized -- report outlining specific steps to take to reach your business or blogging goals. From plugins to platforms, this is your step-by-step guide.


There are plenty of gurus, experts and coaches out there that cater to the masses. That's not me. I'm here to be your firefighter, fixer and friend.