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Katy Widrick

Hi! I'm Katy Widrick.

And I'm a lot like you. I launched my first blog in 2007 and I've been learning ever since. From building a brand, creating a business, doing less and getting more and, oh yeah -- having more fun -- I'm sharing everything I know about starting, growing and managing a sustainable online strategy.

As a business consultant and strategist for business owners, bloggers and emerging entrepreneurs, I specialize in helping set big-picture goals for your personal and professional life, identify opportunities for growth and create actionable plans for making sense of what can often feel like an overwhelming and complicated online world.

What Does That Mean?


Do you know exactly what you want -- you just need some help figuring out how to make it happen? Or are you completely clueless and need someone to hold your hand through the steps? Together, we'll create the big picture and content overview that will help you build your business.


I'm a big believer in clear, manageable and measurable goals so at the end of the project, you'll receive a full written -- and customized -- report outlining specific steps to take to reach your business or blogging goals. From plugins to platforms, this is your step-by-step guide.


There are plenty of gurus, experts and coaches out there that cater to the masses. That's not me. When you're my client, you have me for life. That means email support, access to my private Facebook group, discounts on future coaching needs and much more.

Here's What My Clients Say.

"Working with Katy is like working with your best friend. Her coaching, consulting and support is supportive but honest. The feedback and ideas she will provide you will challenge you outside your original comfort zone, suddenly finding you and your potential in a far better place. But, beyond all this, what I love most about working and collaborating with Katy is that her passion for the topics and helping other bloggers is clear in every email she sends." --Ashley D.

"Katy's goal is to make her clients subject matter experts about blogging. She consistently shares tips, resources, and connections that will help her clients establish and expand their brand. Katy is easy to communicate with, personable, helps clients quickly resolve challenges and celebrates their wins." --Michele B.

"'So much goodness!' That phrase has become my theme for working with Katy. I can't even count how many times I uttered that phrase in our last session alone. I sought out Katy as she was highly recommended to me by several people, and she quickly won over my picky self (if I was going to spend money on this, the coach had better be beyond good!).

Katy begins the coaching/consulting relationship by really getting to know your blog, your business, and even you as a person. I simply love how thorough she was straight from the beginning and all the way through entire coaching process. You can really tell that she gives this her all. Katy knows her stuff like whoa and provides fantastic guidance. Her knowledge of what I'm all about really shines through as well, as she takes my ideas and runs with them, sharing ideas of her own that are simply a perfect fit for what I'm going for. Overall, I can't recommend Katy enough. There's just so much goodness!" --Ashleigh

"It's hard to put into words just how much Katy has helped my blog and business grow as a creativepreneur. Right from the start it felt like I was learning from a friend and over the past year, everything I had dreamed of for my blog (plus more) has now become reality. The difference between hiring Katy and any other consulting service is the constant support and an action plan. With a personal road map, it becomes easy to hustle and grow! Oh, and to have fun!" --Kayla T.

"Katy is seriously amazing. I contacted her when I was just starting out. She gave me so much valuable information in our first meeting that I was able to grow my traffic and social media more than I ever thought was possible in just one year. Not only is she a great coach, but she’s dedicated to helping her clients succeed, and I now have a thriving online business. I never hesitate to hire her when I have more questions because I know her consulting will help bring my blog to the next level. I’m so thankful for Katy. Hiring her is was the best investment I made in my business.” --Monica S.

"Katy Widrick is the ultimate pro and has helped me in so many aspects of my business. From the infancy of my blog, to creating my brand and website, she not only has the know-how, but is a sweet soul with a positive spirit. I am lucky to have found her, and have her guiding me through the online world. I am a better, smarter, and more motivated content creator because of Katy! Work with her and watch how you won't regret it!" --Kristen H.

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