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One of the smartest things a blogger can do is create a content calendar. It helps you from staring at a blinking cursor in a blank blog post, waiting for an idea to come. (Spoiler: you may be there for a while.) When you take the time to sit down and plan your blog and social media content all at once, you'll save yourself time and stress.

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'Fess up. When is the last time you looked at and used your website like a reader, not as a publisher? Time after time, when I audit client websites, I find basic issues that can easily be fixed. Things like broken newsletter sign-up forms, or missing social handles in sharing tools.

I charge big money to do these reports and make these fixes for bloggers and small business owners. But the truth is? You can do your own audit, and not only save yourself the expense, feel more empowered and confident that your site is as awesome as it can be. Drop your infomation below and I'll send you a FREE interactive checklist with every item that I look at when I perform website and SEO audits. Plus, get tips on how to effectively fix any trouble spots that you do come across.