Is your published work still working for you? In six simple steps, get more traffic, decreased bounce rates, higher engagement and yes: MORE MONEY! All from things you've already done.

Make Your Old Content New Again

Reoptimize and Republish for Results

Re-optimizing and sometimes even re-publishing old content on your blog or website can make it new again, resulting in more traffic, decreased bounce rates, higher engagement and — ta da! — more impact with less work.

These six steps can work for blogs of all niches, audience sizes, posting frequency and more. They’re easy (and fun!) to follow and they WORK.

How do I know?

One of the things I’ve always done with my personal blog is use it as a sandbox. It’s a place where I can test out new design and development concepts, experiment with social media and content strategies before using them with clients, and where I can try and FAIL at things that seem like good ideas…but aren’t.

I've tested and refined these techniques on my own websites and client websites to find the sweet spot and now, I'm sharing everything I've learned with you in my new digital download ebook.

What are people saying?

I discovered the Make Your Old Content New Again eBook through the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. Before I discovered this book, my old content was just sitting there and very few people visited those pages. I didn’t know how to attract more people to content I had written over a year ago. This book was just what I needed to bring life back to my old content. After I implemented the strategies Katy talks about in this book, I checked my Google Analytics and I was surprised to see that more than 100 people had visited a specific blog post in one day. This is all thanks to the strategies outlined in Katy's book. Katy does a fantastic job explaining how to use Google Analytics effectively, which I had a difficult time understanding before discovering this book. If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in Katy’s book, the answer is yes. With Katy’s strategies, you really can make your old content new again. - Miki Patel

I bought this course and immediately read through! The steps were easy to implement even for me, with little tech savvy skills. I loved the step by step directions Katy provided that made it easy to learn and navigate in Google Analytics. It has been less than a month but I have seen a drastic increase in page views and clicks on old, I mean really old (made new of course!) posts.  I've reduced my new blog writing to 2 posts a week and then focused on revising old posts...and still more traffic and more shares. And best news, when Katy made improvements and revisions to her book...she sent them on to me without me even asking!  Yep, one of the best investments of my time and money for my blog and online business. --Sarah W.


Choosing the Right Content

Not every post is going to be worth revisiting. Learn how to quickly sort through and filter your work to determine what content could and should be performing better than it is, and how to stay super organized through the process so you really are doing less and getting more.

How to Edit and Optimize

This is a no-jargon, no-hype, simple series of steps to quickly and effectively edit your work to immediately increase traffic from search engines and social media. I promise, you don't have to be an SEO expert or developer to see big gains from small updates!

Republishing Dos and Don'ts

I'll walk you through the pros and cons of multiple ways of republishing your content so you can determine what makes most sense for your blog and your audience. Plus, you'll get my recommended tools and tutorials if you choose to make changes to your permalink or other design settings (so you can do it safely).

Making Social Media Work for You

What happens after you edit and optimize? SHARING the work as if it's brand new. I'll show you the posting schedule that's worked best for me and help you measure and analyze your own audience behavior so you can effectively market to those visitors (and go where they are, when they're active).

Which Metrics Matter

Terrified of analytics? There's no need to be! I'll break down exactly what you need to look at in your Google Analytics reports and how to use that information to quickly and easily optimize your content. Plus, which metrics truly matter and which you can ignore.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Exactly What to Do

I really want this to be as easy -- and fun! -- as possible, so I've laid out the specific steps to take on every post!

Plus, I've provided a series of worksheets that you can print and use to export, analyze and organize your work so you can easily keep track of the changes you've made. It's all included in your digital download!